Meet The Founders: Eda & Ece

First and Only Queer-Friendly Brand based in Turkey

Valuing people of all colors, genders, and orientations for being "human", our safe space Queerlish takes its inspiration from the power and colors of love. We use our products as a means to advocate for universal equality, freedom and visibility. We design our collections, each inspired by a different story, with the goal of raising awareness about social issues. In doing so, we never compromise on quality and sustainability.

Eda and Ece, the founders of Queerlish, are actively carrying out many initiatives on social media, crypto art, music and fashion industry in order to contribute to the visibility of LGBTQ+ individuals in Turkey.

After graduating from Saint Michel French High School, Eda Burcu Senel continued her education by studying Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni Paris. She worked with brands such as Christian Dior while she was a student and became an expert in the general management and marketing of fashion brands. Upon her return, she now aims to develop her own brand Queerlish, which is one of the many projects she carries out with Ece, and bring it to large masses.

Ece Pisirici continues her education in French Language Teaching at Anadolu University. Ece, who is also a musician/drummer, has released her first single, 'Bugün', together with Eda, after improving herself on drums and vocals for years.
Ece and Eda, who are also the founders of the NFT project called 'Queer Rise', have started to work for queer visibility not only in our world but also in the 'metaverse' world.

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