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Not A Phase T-Shirt

Not A Phase T-Shirt


Sick and tired of people telling you that your identity is just a "phase"? Well, we've got the perfect tee to shut them up! Introducing our 'Not A Phase T-Shirt' - because your truth is valid, and it's here to stay.


Made with 100% cotton, this comfy and stylish tee is perfect for making a statement. With its bold graphic print, you'll be able to let the world know that your identity is real and not up for debate.


So don't let anyone try to tell you who you are or who you should be. Wear this tee loud and proud, and remind everyone that you are here, you are queer, and you are not a phase!

Only 3 left in stock
  • Care Instructions

    Wash inside out at 30 degrees and iron on reverse.

    Do not tumble dry.

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